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H5i Humidifier Water Tub Dubai UAE
ResMed H5i Water Tub Dubai UAE
CPAP Humidifier Dubai UAE

Resmed Humidifier Accessories Dubai UAE

Resmed Humidifier Accessories Dubai UAE

H4i accessories are designed for the maintenance and hygiene of the H4i Heated Humidifier or upgraded HumidAire 3i (H3i) Humidifier.

Resmed Humidifier Accessories Dubai UAE

Made of durable materials to sustain multiple disinfections and is approved for multi-patient use in a clinic, hospital or sleep lab.

H4i Humidifier Accessories Dubai UAE

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the device, the HumidAir heated humidifier offers relief from dryness and congestion.

ResMed Air10 Air Outlet Dubai UAE

Opens for easy cleaning and is designed to be replaced at least every six months.

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The H5i air outlet and outlet clip is designed to replace the outlet port on an H5i Heated Humidifier if it gets broken.