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ResMed Hypoallergenic air filter Dubai UAE


The Hypoallergenic air filters for our S9 and Air 10 sleep therapy devices are made of a combination of materials that block fine particles and large particulate matter and prevent them from entering your patient's air supply. The air filter on a CPAP machine should be replaced every six months, or more often if necessary. The ResMed Hypoallergenic Air Filter is particularly suitable if your patient suffers from hayfever or other airborne allergens.. As and Authorize dealer, We supply and sale our ResMed CPAP filters and all consumables and accessories in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah in UAE and to whole region.

Product Highlights

-Our air filters are made from a combination of materials for effective hypoallergenic action.
-One side of the hypoallergenic filter blocks fine particles and the other blocks larger matter, such as hair or dander.​

ResMed Hypoallergenic air filter Dubai UAE

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