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​    Easy Breath Technology

​    Mask material & Design Technology

​    ActiveCell Technology

​    AutoSet Technology


​    Enhanced Pillows Technology

​    Fitting Technology

​    AutoRamp Technology

​    Quiet Air Vent Technology

​    Climate Control Auto Setting Technology

​    Quite Motor Technology

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​    Algorithm Technology

​    Optimal Seal Technology

​    Intuitive Design Technology

​    Humidifier Heated Tube Design Technology

​    Quick Fit Headgear Technology

​    Climate Control Technology

​   MicroFit-Regler Technology

​    One Touch Technology

Innovation is in ResMed's DNA. ResMed  sleeps, eats and breathes innovation.With more than two decades of experience in sleep and respiratory care, ResMed is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced sleep technologies, so that your therapy experience is as easy, comfortable and effective as possible.From the unmatched comfort of thier mask cushion technology, to their whisper quiet sleep devices and the superior synchrony of their ventilators, ResMed aims  to make a positive difference in your treatment journey. ResMed's focus on continuous innovation allows  to push the boundaries to give you smaller, quieter and more comfortable sleep therapy devices that are also easy to set up and use. As a main CPAP Sharjah in UAE Dealers please don't hesitate to contact us for any technical question

Here are (some) Technology which implemented in ResMed Products:



​    Quite Vents Technology

​    Smart Air Flow Technology